1914 ~ Southside Baptist Church ~ 2022

After a long rich history of 108 years, the season for Southside Baptist Church has come to pass. As our members face a new journey in front of them, we encourage them to SEEK GOD’S plans for their lives. Throughout the churches’ long history we have faced many challenges and with GOD’s help we have overcome. But we believe it is time for us to allow God to utilize our church plant for a different calling. We believe God called us to be good stewards of all that He has entrusted us with. As the facility transitions to a new mission, we pray that God will bless this new beginning and all who will be a part of it. As for our members who face new journeys of their own, remember God is always faithful to us. This isn’t the end of your journey in Christ, just the beginning of a new chapter. Be good and faithful servants wherever God leads you. May you be Blessed and may God keep you.’
1914 ~ Southside Baptist Church ~ 2022 



“God loves a cheerful giver”
Luke 18:12…, I pay tithes of all that I get.
Please be in prayer as to what God would have you give
to any offerings. May God truly bless you as you have given
to future His kingdom.